The Deconstructed, Non Threatening And Oh So Doable Spring Clean

30 minutes a day for 5 days to get your house spring ready.

Yes, I can smell it too, spring is near and I can’t wait to let the light and fresh air fill the house.

As we are impatiently waiting for real warmth and sunshine, there are few things we could do to make time go faster as well as getting the house ready for spring, without feeling for one sec being overwhelmed and knee deep in a giant scary spring clean.

I will show you how to get your home spring ready in 30 minutes a day. Promise.



without even realising you're doing it !

Day 1

 The walls.

Have a look, have a thorough look.  The state of some walls will probably horrify you.  It makes your place look a little sad and neglected. 

 Fill a bucket with hot water and a few drops of eucalyptus oil, that is what I like to use, take a clean sponge or wipe or whatever you like as well as a dry cloth and inspect each room. You probably won’t need to go over every wall, just focus on the strategic dirty spots, behind the toilets, the basin, the corridor walls if you have children, around the switch plates etc. Gently clean and dry the area.


Day 2

The skirting boards.

They are often forgotten so today, it’s the only thing you will do.

Same as for the wall, I fill a bucket with hot water and a few drops of eucalyptus oil, grab a wipe and a cloth and go over the whole house. It’s not that bad if that’s’ all you do and it will make such a difference. I love that eucalyptus smell.


Day 3

The cobwebs.

They are sneaky these ones…they seem to suddenly appear out of nowhere when I can’t attend to them, on my way out, or when I’m going to bed..

So today, get your vacuum cleaner or a long pole with a brush, go around each room and get into it. It will take you no time to clear these pesky webs.


Day 4

The rugs and carpets.

 Give them a quick vaccum and take them outside.  They need a goodbeating and an airing for a few hours. While you are at it, give them a bit of a spot clean. It’s best on a sunny day as it will kill a lot of dustmites that have been partying there for the whole winter..Leave them in the sun for a while.


Day 5

The remote controls, keyboards,  switches and door knobs.

I can’t even start to tell you about the amount of germs hanging on all of these little buttons we touch everyday with somehow questionably clean hands..Ewwww.

Give them a proper clean. Just make sure you use appropriate product on each surface. As you have figured out now, I only use eucalyptus oil and hot water.


Voila, what a super productive week it’s been , your house smells better, looks better, feels better.  Your, like yourself house is now ready for spring !