The Insta Surprise !



Through my Roaming Atelier journey, many unpredicted aspects have been going my way. Mostly joyful I am pleased to report.

The absolute best surprise so far has been my Instagram journey. To be honest, I wasn’t really interested in having a fully developed Instagram thing going on. You know, a bit like when people start telling you how brilliant the new show they are watching on Nextflix is and that you really should join in even though you are perfectly happy with your program choices right now, you know what I mean.

Anyway, I did end up of course, hopping on the Insta band-wagon and to my surprise, have totally got hooked in the process. I feel I have discovered a whole new side of my city as well as many others, actually what am I talking about, I have discovered a whole new Instaworld out there !

How strange is it though to witness that through these virtual relationships we are all having, I still find a greater appreciation, a connection and an emergence of artisans and their hand made crafts. It has been mind blowing. I had absolutely not expected anything like it.

I madly love the connections between these two worlds, the old and the new, the contemporary and the old fashioned.
Time indeed changes things yet we can still find many of these amazing people who still greatly value the importance of old craft, material and objects but who have found a way to bringing them into today therefore making them essential and have probably recreated and extended their usefulness.

It does take courage today to go with what feels right and go over other people’s judgement, believing in what you do even though the majority might not go your way.

What we must remember is that these beautiful things made by these beautiful people didn’t just happen. They have learned their craft, they have worked hard, stayed true to themselves, they kept their integrity and followed their heart, not money. They probably have made tons of mistakes along the way too. But through all of this, their creativity is so strong that it can absolutely not be copied even slightly, their personal style have somehow brought them freedom, great respect and maintained a deep connection with their community.

I wish I could personally and individually thank these people for feeding my need of pretty and dreamy things. I will keep following them, discovering more,liking and sharing what they do and looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

Thank you wonderful people, you have taken me on such a joyous journey indeed !






Does your home tell your story ?

I have always looked closely at other people’s homes and things.

Growing up, my family didn’t value material possession or how things should look which really bothered me. Our home was just functional, basic, sparse and always felt unfinished to me. I was endlessly trying to find a way to improve the look and feel of my room, arranging and rearranging things, desperately coveting items from various shops.

When visiting friends I remember creating a scrapbook in my head of what I liked and disliked and what my ideal home would be. Everything was fair game, furniture, colours, arrangement, modern things, antique things. I actually still remember in quite clear details most of my friends’ homes. But at the end of the day, how fancy or humble the home was never mattered to me, I responded mostly to how the home felt, truly felt. How people in it lived and related to one another.

All these years later, I still find myself obsessed about homes and everything about them. I have had the chance to be invited in many beautiful homes and am always surprised at how even as an adult, my old habit still kicks in, I still find myself subconsciously scrutinising everything and taking mental notes as well as to how the house makes me feel. I can easily picture the dynamic of the family living within these walls quite rapidly, like a house profiler if you’d like.

I love doing what I do, I love creating an ambiance that suits you, I love creating a space in your home that tells your story. I love to relate to objects and furniture that have a spirit, not just an aesthetic or monetary value. I believe that is the only way we can together create a space that is equally functional, comfortable and genuine, qualities which in the end, will make it beautiful.

Are you ready to have your home tell your family’s story ?



how fancy or humble the home was never mattered to me