Cool, not always calm but definitely collected



I feel I have already grown a lot in a very short time as The Roaming Atelier is slowly but surely and instinctively finding its mark and identity.

The one thing I have just noticed as Christmas is fast approaching is that I haven’t bought a single thing in a long time.

I have enormously enjoyed rediscovering my belongings, roaming around my own home, paying attention to how I made it my own.


That’s when a Eureka moment hit me. That’s exactly what the Roaming Atelier was all about when I created it, that is what it is all about ! It’s about slowing down, it is about enjoying what you have, rediscovering old things, favourite new old things !

There is no plan in this, you can’t rush it, you can’t predict what you are going to feel next, but just have to let it flow naturally. Pretty much every photo I have posted has been taken from my home and I could tell a story about each one. This home I love so much is still a work in progress though, has been growing with me as my family has been growing over the years, nothing just happened in this home.

That’s what I am talking about when I think about identity and your home about being “who you are rather that what you have”. Does your house tell your story and your past without the need for words?

Furniture, photos, objects have so much to tell, your story or even somebody else’s. An heirloom brings the past into the present, whether you know its story or have to imagine it. I think that’s why I love roaming around flea markets, second hand and vintage shops where the uncertainty of finding something keeps me on my toes but where a spontaneous find, no matter how big or small brings me such joy. 

New old favourite piece of furniture or object in my home will entertain me for a long time, I really mean it, as it usually makes me rotate everything else around and give me a whole new project to work on but somehow I don’t feel I am overdoing anything either, I don’t ever fell my home as overfilled with unnecessary stuff, could I invent a new expression and call myself ‘a minimalist hoarder’?

What do you think ? I think I like my new title !

How would you describe yourself ?

I would love to read your comments.