5 Clever Ways To Decorate Your Rental


I often hear people say “Ohh, I’m just renting” as if their place was second class and didn’t need the love and attention they would give a property they had bought. That’s not right.

Your daily life is the same whether you rent or own. After a day of work, you want to return to your heaven, your happy pretty place, take off your shoes, feel welcome, look forward to your evening. 

With a bit of creativity and flair, there are so many ways to make a rental look and feel like a million bucks without doing major work or painting.

You should have seen the uninspiring flat we first rented when I first came to Australia, yet we managed to make it feel cosy and welcoming.

So how do you improve the look of a rental property? Glad you asked, I've got five ways for you to decorate your rental and make it feel like home.

Decorate Your Rental With Prints Or Mirrors

Rental properties are mostly painted white, and not always the best white, which can bring the mood down. Why not freshen and liven the place up with a bit of colour and life on the walls ?

I love the look of a really large framed print or a mirror against a wall. It can make a statement, can hide a flaw on the wall or set the tone of your pad if it’s in the entrance.  

For smaller artwork and pieces, I love using the 3M hooks, they are the most brilliant invention. Perfect when you are not allowed to drill holes or are unsure where you want to hang art and photos.

Create  your own gallery by grouping a whole lot of framed photos together on a bland and sad wall.

Decorate Your Rental By Adding Colour

Colour will in no time dramatically improve the look of a plain looking rental place you are not allowed to paint.

Cushions, bed heads, small occasional tables, vases, lampshades, the possibilities of adding colours throughout are endless. You can decide to focus on 3 colours that you like together for example.

Decorate Your Rental With A Few Permanent Things

I know, it is not your place and you do want to waste money on things you can’t take with you but without necessarily spending a huge a lot, the changes these relatively minor expense will make a huge difference and truly will make your place feel more like it is yours.

Think about changing the Kitchen or bathroom taps, the shower head, the door and cabinet handles, the toilet seat.

Decorate Your Rental & Cover Ugly Tiles Or Floor


The obvious option is, of course, cover the area with a pretty rug but I like the idea of having a piece of vinyl cut to the size of the area to cover. There are so many gorgeous ones these days with such fantastic patterns and colours. This too will improve the look of your unattractive bathroom or kitchen in no time at very little cost.

Decorate Your Rental With Washi Tape

This is a super cute option for kids’ bedrooms especially. Washi tape is so versatile, colourful, fun to use and cheap as chips!

Play around, find a pattern you like and within an hour or so, any wall will be transformed and improved. For about $5.

Please comment or share your tips. I would love to see how you have transformed your rental property.