3 Pro lighting tips to make you and your room look better

Don't stay in the dark !


Finding the perfect light is for many the hardest part of decorating a house.

It is like a minefield out there!  The amount of choice, price and style is mind blowing and unfortunately isn’t making the task any less difficult.

Yet, good lighting really finishes the room. Like the perfect pair of shoes finishes an outfit. It really does. The perfect lighting can also make you look better (I am not kidding, ladies, think about when you go bra shopping, need I say more? )

But I’m getting side tracked.


Let me share with you my pro lighting tips that will make you and your room look even better.


 To get the right lighting for your space, there are a few rules to obey.

You know, you have seen this gorgeous lamp in the shop, and you love it and then you buy it and take it home and it doesn’t even come close to your expectation ? That is so frustrating and we have been there.


 Pro Tip #1

Think about the height of the lamp.

Ideally, it should come to your eye level, the last thing you want when you are sitting on your couch or working at your desk is seeing any part of the bulb.

You really just want light, not getting retina damage. Make sure you think about where you will be positioning yourself not just the lamp.


Pro tip #2

I might sound silly now but think of the actual light itself.  I mean, is it going to be a useful light you actually need to write or work or prepare things, like you would at your desk or over a kitchen island ? Maybe you are just after some soft ambiance lighting in the living room so you are not watching TV in total darkness ?  Thinking of this will help you choosing the right lamp.  


Pro tip #3

Have more than one light source in the room

Depending what sort of lighting you have on the ceiling, a pendant or a set of down lights, dimmers are always a good idea.  They really help controlling the mood you want to create, no one wants to wear sun glasses while having dinner for example.

I also recommend you have more than one source of light, mix different ones around the room, a couple on a side table, one floor lamp and and maybe a wall  lamp ? Think about it next time you visit your favourite restaurant, have a look at the lighting.

All these tips will make your room, your decor and yourself look better.

I hope I have helped to take the hassle out of choosing the right lighting. For more tips and regular updates, scroll down a bit and  become a Roaming Atelier VIP.