5 Tips To Freshen Your Home During Winter

Welcome to your happy place. 


How to brighten up your house, your mood and impact your well being. 

I am not a winter person, I wish I were but I am not. 

Every year I promise myself and my family that I will be different and that I will be embracing it but after a few weeks, it always seems to be getting the better of me. 

The way I have managed to make the most of it is to semi hibernate, watch an awful lot of Netflix and cook an awful lot of warm satisfying dishes.   

I tend to spend a lot more time at home during these months, my desk is strategically placed next to the heater and the window so I get natural light as well as direct warmth. 

After a few weeks though, as the days, as well as the mood, get gloomy, there are ways to brighten up your house and improve your well being in winter.   

Let me share my winter tips. 

5 Tips To Freshen Your Home During Winter

Freshen Your HomeTip # 1: Declutter

It always works for me, it’s like sport but indoors. I even put some tracksuit pants to do it, I go through every room, every cupboard, bookshelf, drawer, and basket. 

Nothing too drastic, just taking a few things away, the broken things, the dirty things, the things that really don’t belong here. It is amazing in a very short time how much you can improve and lighten up the look of your place. You will feel pleased with yourself, guaranteed. 

Freshen Your HomeTip #2: Add a Touch of Colour

Anywhere, anything. You can, of course, go out and buy a new blanket, or new pillow cases, but even a pretty colourful and happy summer photo can do the trick. I have faux flowers to my left and a beautiful blown up photo of my boys on the beach to my right. The next best thing to summer for me. 

Freshen Your HomeTip #3: Open The Windows, Let Some Light And Fresh Air In

I mean every window, it doesn’t have to be for too long but it will absolutely clean the stale air and make any food and winter smell disappear for a little while.  If you are too cold, go have a hot shower or vacuum the house then have a hot shower.  

Freshen Your HomeTip #4: Get A Plant 

There are super trendy right now and for good reasons. They are gorgeous, clean the air and bring the outdoor indoor. A plant always seems to finish a room to me, it gives some depth and adds a dimension to any space, maybe the green effect. Not sure, but it works.  

Freshen Your HomeTip #5: Sit Down, Relax, Look At The Window, Read A Book, Do Something That Is Good For Your Soul

This won’t brighten up your house but it will definitely improve your mood and your well being, it will brighten you up. And that is what we too often forget to do. Winter can be a time to reflect a bit, recharge and be ready do it all again in spring.