Capturing that holiday feeling at home


Wouldn't it be magical to experience the holiday feeling at home? We all know, leaving a wonderful holiday behind is always a little sad as the thought of getting back to the routine of lunch boxes, school and activities drop offs tighten the stomach a little. I have no doubt all parents can relate.

Though, the one thing that over the years has become the last part of the holiday experience is the anticipation of going home.

Turning the key and entering this familiar place as if all our belongings were saying Welcome Home to us.

That sense of relief that comes with belonging again is just precious.

It is as if the time away reinforced what we knew about ourselves and what is truly important in one family which we can do at home, just like we did on holiday.

Why it is important to capture the holiday feeling at home.

We gather, we connect.

In an unfamiliar territory, you realise how important your loved ones are, even bickering brothers become best friends. It is a real delight.

Day after day, we are making sure decisions taken suit the whole family. Sometimes, someone might make a concession in order to please another family member but it teaches respect and one might learn and discover something unexpected from this.

As we spend a lot more time together, we get to share thoughts and experiences. Back home, it is a bit more difficult to allocate that much family time, but around the breakfast or dinner table, we should make the most of the little time to discuss our day. These moments will give your children a strong memory of precious moments shared at home.

Holiday feeling at home means: We rest, we revive.

You never realise how much you need these holiday until you are settled,  passing time lazily or busy in some activity you can’t really indulge from home.

Resting is very much the essential part of the holiday, it gives you time to slowly rid your brain of all the cobwebs and thoughts accumulated over time. I am always puzzled by how quickly everyone in my family finds their own new rituals on holiday in order to maximise the recharging time we have.

Strangely, on holiday, I wake up with the sun, sometimes before in order to witness the sunrise. I settle myself in a comfy spot with a book, a coffee and my camera. It is heavenly. At home, resting is equally important to me, I have made sure our home is well equipped to cater for anyone’s time off by providing comfortable sofas and armchairs, blankets, soft pillows, adequate lighting for reading, inviting uncluttered bedrooms in which we are happy to start and finish our day.

Holiday feeling at home means: We wake our five senses.

Don’t you love that feeling of arriving in a strange and new place and discover your senses are very much alive?

It goes beyond the visual, yes, the beauty of the destination is important but the surprise attack of the senses always makes me happy. The new smells, good or bad sometimes stay with you forever.  The sounds of new animals, the nearby beach or a waterfall also keep you on alert and gently wake you up with a smile as you realise how lucky you are to be in a wonderful place.

I am always looking forward to my next meal when I am away, a local specialty that someone prepared for me, a meal that will make me understand a little more about what the place I am lucky to be visiting is about.  

At home, you can indulge your senses too by surrounding yourself with pretty things that make you happy, bring you back to that happy place. Cook a meal that is humble but thoughtful, burn a scented candle you love, play some music.

Holiday feeling at home means: We share.

When travelling, we share everything, time together, meals, smaller living spaces, sometimes bedrooms. It is wonderful, no ones seems to ever miss out on anything. For that limited time, we are enough to each other. What a satisfying realisation that is. Back home, everyone goes back to their rooms, belongings and habits but the bonding created over sharing everything over that time away makes you realise you really don’t need much at all. It is perfectly ok to be attached to material things but it also comforting to know you can do without.

Holiday feeling at home means: We play and we roam.

What is the point of holidaying without playing and roaming around?

Wherever you spend on your holiday, may it be a home, a resort or a camp ground, it becomes a giant playground for all. Clothes are comfortable, we go for swims, long walks, we don’t wear shoes, we let go. Nothing beats and recharges you like that free range feeling.

Back home, I have arranged the house in a way so the roaming is possible, each room accommodates a need.  My boys’ bedrooms cater for play and study, the living spaces cater for talking and gathering. There is no off limits space, but each space has a purpose.

As indulgent as it seems, capturing the holiday feeling at home can help you live at a slower pace, which seems to be a real struggle for so many families today.

It narrows yet deepens the focus on what is truly important and insures we are ready to start each day on a positive frame of mind.