The Next Big Thing In Kid Friendly Decorating

Kid friendly decorating doesn't mean you can't also have a home looks lovely, also.


Have you just been going through Pinterest kids bedroom and wonder how, oh how, it is even possible to have a home looking like that if a child actually occupies it?

Play and mess and colours are part of the house if you have children and so it should be. Sometimes, the play area seems to have taken over the whole house until parents wonder if they are not intruding into an area that is no longer a shared space.

 Children, unfortunately, don’t share our taste for pretty and tasteful décor. The brighter the colours, the louder the better as far as they are concerned.

It does take a bit of effort and thought to harmoniously share space with children but it is really possible to keep a kid-friendly home looking lovely.

Kid-Friendly Decorating: What should go into Hiding

You'll never have enough rattan or straw baskets or large wooden bowls for children’s things, especially if you have young children, 2 or 3 in their bedrooms in which they can independently tidy the most used toys, like dolls or Playmobil, shoes and hats.

No need to overfill, just what they actually play with or wear. It is also a great and quick way to put things away before they leave for school or go to bed. It allows the bedroom looking very child like without being overwhelming.

The majority of other toys and boards games are in my opinion best put away in a cupboard.  Children can then learn to take one game or toy at a time, which let them focus on the chosen activity without the excitement of too much choice and distraction.

Kid-Friendly Decorating: What should be displayed

I love seeing touches of my children presence around the house.


I truly find photos, their latest artwork, even some toys here and there quite soothing and reassuring that they are growing happily in this home. Their personalities are very obvious as you enter my home.

A new science project on the kitchen window seal, a favourite soft toy on the couch or a new fantabulous Lego construction on the bath tube edge makes me happy.

Bookshelves are another great way to not only gather books but display a precious thing or wooden toys they don’t really play with or a special school creation. A bookshelf is always alive in my home as the rotation of what lives on it is very frequent.

Kid-Friendly Decorating Can Make A Home Beautiful

It is really possible to share a beautiful space that grows with your children in which everyone needs and personality are taken into consideration. 

It definitely takes a bit of effort from all parts, from parents to provide adequate storage as well as rules and from children to agree and respect at least some of these rules!