The Secret To A Perfect Home


Is the secret to a perfect home... perfection?

I’m not perfect and neither is my house but I am perfectly OK with this.

Think about it, there is no room to improve on perfection.  

The genie out of the bottle kind of thing? One, two, three and’s all done?

We would be forgiven to wish for this sometimes, but really, is that what we want? Do we really put do much focus on and apologise for the things that are not perfect in our homes ? The house is not quite finished, the toys are in the wrong room on the floor, the breakfast dishes are on the bench or the beds were unmade when you left this morning.

Maybe you decided to sleep in a little bit longer this morning and that’s fantastic, lucky you, you‘ll make the bed tomorrow.

Maybe instead of seeing the mess the toys have created in your home, you can focus on how happy, healthy and busy your children are playing instead of watching television?

But let’s go back to perfection.  Don’t beat yourself up, what might seem flawed to one person would be perfect for some. Have fun with your home and your living environment, be gauche, like no one is watching.

Vanessa Paradis was asked on a French TV show about her then husband Johnny Depp  (he was back then the hottest thing on Earth, sigh…) if he were perfect.

You should have seen her face!  Perfect? Non non non….“he is not perfect at all but he’s perfect for me “.

Basically, this cute little story was just to reassure you. Your house will probably never be perfect, you will probably never be perfect either and it’s all good. How about instead trying to find a way to make you realise if you have put some effort and thought into it, your home is probably perfect for your needs right now.

The secret to a perfect home is...

Being grateful for what we have, looking at the glass half full can really go a long way and even give us perspective on objectively considering what is important in our home and what is not. If your home tells the story of your life, what more could you want?