Spring is here ! Have a garage sale !

Yes!! yes ! yes ! Spring is here ! Well, if you live in Melbourne, spring was here on Monday, summer was here on Wednesday and winter was back today but hey, who is keeping track ?

My house always seems to be looking a little tired and a little frumpy at the end of winter, I guess it just is reflecting me. To bring some sunshine and freshness and prettiness it is time to take action and It is time to get some fresh air, for yourself, but also for your house. 

I have the perfect solution to a wake up a tired home, there is no better way than organising a garage sale ! 

How many  books can a child have ? 

How many  books can a child have ? 


Organise a garage sale !

I have done so many, garage sales are a great way to get rid of unwanted and unused stuff. 

My kids love them. I always offer them to keep the money they will make since yes, they will be doing the work ! They have realised it is worth the effort as at the end of the day, we are always quite surprised by the extra pocket money the boys have managed to get !

It does take a little bit of prep but its really worth it.

How to host a successful garage sale #1

First, spread the word  in your local community, on Facebook, put out a poster at the front of your house a few days prior...that sort of things. (You might have to ask your local council for permission, although I have personally  never asked....) Tell people what the bulk of your garage sale is about, people like to know if they will be finding books, kids or designer clothes, or good quality toys...

How to host a successful garage sale #2

Start gathering in boxes what you will want to get rid of by categories, kitchen stuff, books, toys, clothes etc. Don't be picky with prices unless you are selling something super special. When you start the sale, it will be easier for everyone to manoeuvre through a bit of order than a giant heap of stuff .  

How to host a successful garage sale #3

On D day, start early. Have a strong coffee and get out, put balloons on your fence, make yourself visible and start selling ! I always have my boys as "sales directors", they are in charge of pretty much everything. 

Sell sell sell, do not show attachment to the stuff you are getting rid of, it will not put the price up, if it's for sale, let it go. There is no such things as a reasonable price or offer. It's all about getting a bargain for the buyer and for you to unload. 

Like a detox for yourself and your house


You always meet lovely people from the area who stop for a chat, which is so rare these days. I actually really enjoy the process. I always end up making and sharing a coffee with someone local. 

The most enjoyable part of the day though is knowing that no item that has been taken out will come back in, ever ! If it didn't sell, it will be dropped at a charity the following day. Hosting a garage sale is not something you will do often but it is such a good way to clear accumulated stuff we truly no longer need or like. and in my boys' point of view, triple their monthly pocket money !

You would be surprised, give it a go !




Kids love rummaging through stuff and will always find treasures.

Kids love rummaging through stuff and will always find treasures.