5 Things You Will Always Find In Happy Homes

I love when this happens, as soon as I walk into someone’s home, I can’t really explain what it is but I am drawn to that place, I know I’ll feel comfortable there.

Over the years, as I have visited dozens of homes, I have understood that “je ne sais quoi” that seems to make the difference between one and another. 

I have gathered a list of my top 7 things I always find in happy homes.



There are not always professionally taken, or artistic, not always beautifully framed, they can be found on the fridge, in different rooms, of different eras but there are always lots of photos in happy homes. Friends, and families, silly pics, holiday pics, memories make us happy. In this digital time, we take so many photos on our phone, we tend to forget to print the ones we love. Please, make an effort, go through your phone, find a few photos that make you smile or bring you back to some happy place, (Many cool apps like Picture Postie will send them all printed for you in a few days.)




My ultimate favourite, I love them, they are everywhere in my home. On couches, at the end of beds, in baskets, I have many for all seasons.

Yes, I use them to cover up when I watch TV but they really transform into fantastic cubby house over chairs, they make great superhero capes and last minute picnic rugs in the back garden for a special afternoon tea…how versatile and fun! 



We all have a different relationship with books and they provide all sorts of sensations. We read to be informed, to be amused or taken far away.

Books remind children as they are getting older of time when parents used to read to them. Books allow us to take a break from life and the craziness that can sometimes be part of it. And books look good everywhere, not just bookshelves.



A bit of mess.

I know, I talk a lot about how to keep you home mess-free but a bit of a mess tells us “ hey, we live here”, we have fun here, we play here.” It can easily be put away in cupboards and baskets at the end of a busy day. Don’t stress over it, it is part of a happy life.


Old things.

Old things bring me comfort. A scouted piece at some flea market or an old treasure my child created a long time ago. I like the flaws, the history or the story old things have to say.

When I was expecting my first child, my husband’s grandmother gave me her baby name book called “the Oxford Dictionary of English Christian names “ from 1945.  The best part was to find in it an old folded piece of paper with her own list of names she was considering giving her children. Such a precious gift as she was preparing herself to become a great grandmother for the first time.