“ En peu de temps parfois, on fait bien du chemin” -Moliere

(in a very short time, one can go a long way)


My name is Alexandra Ganipeau, I am the face behind The Roaming Atelier which I am a bit nervous yet super excited to launch, share and develop into something beautiful and fun with you.

After 12 years, two babies and three renovations, we have finally finished our home and it’s beautiful.

Yet I would be embarrassed to tell you how often I think about what I could do next, arrange, change, move or improve.

I guess you can say I am a little bit home obsessed.

Basically, home, food, and family are what really matters to me. Oohhhh, and travelling. I am also obsessed about travelling.

I believe simple pleasures in life such as a gathering with friends, taking a beautiful photo of your child or relaxing on a sunny terrace reading a book can really put all the complicated things in perspective and temporary press pause on whatever is going on in our busy lives. Small things do matter and I want to share with you the small things that can improve your well being at home.

I am hoping to share all things that happen in one’s home, I want to explore what it all means to us, how we decorate, live work, entertain and play in our home. 

I want to talk about soulful and simple ways to improve how we live, how we can buy better, not more.

I am inviting readers who do not want to keep up with the Joneses, the ones who want their home to reflect who they are and what their family is all about, who are not obsessed by brands and opulence. I want to help readers to find their decorators within and love their home.

So let’s start this journey together, let’s connect and create happy homes.

Let's make our biggest plan to feel good, be inspired and inspiring.

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Our homes tell the story of our lives, lets’ share them!