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decorating consultation in Melbourne

Before we meet, I will ask you to fill out a small questionnaire and we can talk on the phone to get to understand your home dilemma, how you feel about your space , your tastes and what you are expecting to change. 

I will then come to your place for a two hour visit during which we will talk, I will find out what you want from your home room by room and how to want to live in it. I will take photos ( not to be shared, just for me), I will look at your space, give you ideas, make suggestions, bombard you with info so can do it all by yourself when I am gone !

After that meeting, I will send you by email all the info and suggestions I made as well as a plan of attack for you to get started. There will be relevant photos, furniture ideas, addresses and a room by room suggestion list.

This service is $300.

Incl GST

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