Interior Decorating Services

You could call me your design buddy. I'm going to bring the best out of your home by seeing through the clutter and listening to what you want to see in your home. Together, we'll create a home that tells your family's story.


the consult

I'll come to your house for an hour or so, to discuss what you want from your home and how you want it to feel. I will leave you plenty of tips..and probably will bring coffee !


the Shuffle

We will be moving things around, trying different combinations and make the most of your furniture, colours, décor to get the balance right. With your help, we will transform your home into its best possible shape. The Shuffle is a 3h process.


the two-step

This offer is divided in two visits of 3.5 hours. We will have obviously a lot more time so you can rediscover your home and really transform it into your happy place. You can combine decluttering, shuffling and styling.

In between visits, I will send you photos of rooms and ideas to keep you motivated and inspired.