I am not the most disorganised person, some people actually say that I can be super organised. But in some areas I might tend to procrastinate or lack good sense.

Alexandra came to my house and helped me with a challenge. We had had water damage and for 18 months what we called our library was a mess. Dozens of boxes full of books, dvds, cd, kids artwork, stationery, and everything you can imagine had been sitting there.


Alexandra took charge, she made it fun and was super efficient.In the course of an evening, with nibbles and drinks, she managed to put all the books back on the shelves, sorted by genre.

I finally had a children's section too! My bookshelf had nothing to envy of a proper bookshop!

We had a pile of throw away, a pile for eBay  sale which she took care of and a pile of give away to charities and school which she also took care of.

Sometimes you need someone that is less emotionally attached to the things you keep for years but also agrees that some things are treasures... she gave my space such a new energy!

- Sophie R



Having Alex coming to my house for a few hours was the best thing ever.

She really understood how we lived and changed so much around in so little time. Our family is really busy and I must admit, not really organised so we always seem to be living in chaos. 

Alex showed us a few simple tricks to keep things under control. She even took all the donation boxes to the Salvation Army and posted what I should be selling on Ebay for me which ended up pretty much covering her fees !

I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help, it ended up being good fun as well. She even brought take away latte !

- Carol H., East Brighton


Thank you so much for helping me declutter, cosy up my living room and sort out the kids area.

We have so many bits and pieces that we love that we have gathered from our travels and living abroad and now we can enjoy them since you found perfect places for them around the house.

I loved the inspiration images that you sent me before you came so that we could start the process with lots of enthusiasm and on the same page.

You gave me some great ideas about pulling the new look together with new rugs and storage ideas and sent me items you spotted after our meeting as possible options. 

It was so much fun doing it with you and I am looking forward to working on some other rooms with you!

- Monique